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It all started with a gyros sandwich.

Greg was hungry. Greg wanted a gyros. He had the pita bread, the meat, the cabbage, the onions - all he needed was the tzatziki sauce. But Greg didn't have any tzatziki sauce. So he went to his local supermarket. No tzatziki. He went to his other local supermarket. No tzatziki.

Somewhere in town had to sell tzatziki sauce. But where? Greg could have ordered it online, but then he would have had to wait days or weeks for his gyros.

Why wasn't there a way to search for specific local products? So Greg decided to build it.

The Austin Catalog is a searchable database of every product available in every (participating) store in Austin, MN. Just type in what you're seraching for, and you'll get a list of all local matches.

Create an account to start a shopping list, and then add items to it. As TAC grows and gets better and smarter, you'll start getting recommendations for better deals on products in your shopping list.

Soon, you'll even be able to buy products online from most participating stores, and simply pick up your order at the store or have it delivered to your door.